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Programme note
This piece is the synchronization of different versions (played by the same or different musicians) of one musical line. The result of these 'vertical' variations reminds of the effect of different voices which are silently reading the same text or perhaps telling an orison, psalm or a mantra with individual intonations, timbres, tempos etc., thus creating polyphony of interpretations, either coming closer or moving away from each other.

The piece was commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2008) and originally written for cello and pre-recorded cellos. This version for 8 flutes was specially arranged and recorded by Manuel Zurria (IT) in May 2014.


11 July 2014, Bartok festival, Szombathely (HU) | 2 January 2015, Dialoghi sul comporre, Torri dell'Acqua, Budrio (IT) | 9 March 2015 EXITIME festival, Oratorio San Filippo Neri, Bologna (IT) | 21 March 2015 Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich (CH) | 10 April 2015 Rosenfeld Porcini Art Gallery, London (UK) | 30 October 2015 Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY (USA) | 14 April 2016 Rassegna Musica Nuova, Teatro Lauro Rossi, Macerata (IT) | 18 June 2016 The Gothic Hall, Vilnius Art Academy (LT)

The recording was released on the Manuel Zurria's CD "Landscape with Tears" in 2015 by Die Schachtel label (Milan).