Confluere Iridescence Loading

commissioned by and written for the 60th anniversary of Ars Nova ensemble (Poitiers)

“Clessidra” (“sandglass” in Italian) contains two opposite processes happening simultaneously, which are overlapping and create a musical metaphor of a sandglass with one part being filled and the other emptied. One layer of the texture (vibraphone, accordion and synthesiser with an organ timbre) are constantly descending down from their highest overtones meanwhile the rest of the ensemble (strings, bowed harp and winds) is gradually expanding its space and dynamics until their paths cross and merge into one spectrum.

1st performance: 23 November 2023, Auditorium de Potiers (FR), Ars Nova ensemble, cond. Gregory Vajda

Duration: 11’

Instrumentation: afl, ob, cl, asax, bsn, tpt, hn, tbn, tb, acc, kbd, vibr, hp, 2 vln, vla, vc, cb

© Éditions Salabert/Universal Music Publishing Classical