Circle for a Square Midnight Sun Loading

Commissioned by the Lithuanian National Philharmonics and written for the Estonian National Male Choir and Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, cond. Mikk Üleoja, for the "Freedom of the Baltics" concert, dedicated to the centenary of the re-establishment of the Baltic States

The phrase "here at the quiet limit of the world" from the poem Tithonus by Lord Alfred Tennyson became not only the title of the piece but also inspiration to reflect the phenomenon of the limits through musical metaphors. How can the separating limit between earth and sky be captured while one is still within the earth and another is already the sky?! The strings and voices in this composition are conceived as opposite elements: while the orchestra is going down and shrinking, the choir is rising up and expanding, until their trajectories, as well the dimensions of space and time, merge and the limits disappear. 

male choir t4t4b4b4, strings


25 January 2018, Klaipeda Concert Hall (LT) | 26 January 2018, Kaunas Philharmonics (LT) | 25 January 2018, Lithuanian National Philharmonics, Vilnius (LT) | 24 April 2018, Vanemuine Concert Hall, Tartu (EE) | 25 April 2018 Jõhvi Concert Hall (EE) | 26 April 2018, Tallinn, Estonian Concert Hall (EE) | 27 January 2018, Pärnu Concert Hall (EE)