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Programme note
“Let’s talk about shadows” is one of only few compositions of the author, written for different timbres’ ensemble that is treated as an utopian solo instrument with the characteristics of clarinet, violin and piano which are fused together in a soft, impressionistic amalgam. The entire composition is a continuous melody, casting timbral and textural shadows, inside of which melts and disappears at the end of the piece.

“Let’s talk about shadows” was composed for the New Vilnius Trio


New Vilnius Trio (LT)
ALESIensemble Salzburg (AT)
Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitȁt students (AT)
Boglarka Pesze | Teruko Habu | Matthias Lassen (DE)                                          Irmantas Andriūnas, Simona Venslovaitė, Veronika Kopjova (LT/AT)