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Programme note
The emotional inspiration of the piece is Alessandro Baricco’s idea which is implemented in his novel "Silk" (“Seta”): every story has its own music. Music of "Silk" is white. The system of composing principles which predetermined the form and soundscape of the composition is based on the idea of the physical formation of the white color in nature: white color is the mixture of 7 main colors. Thus, 7 colors in my music are embodied by 7 seven degree scales which are mixed, layered, grouped together in different ways until finally white color (= the white diatonics) is achieved. The ephemeral sounding of the orchestra is predetermined by the choice of 15 soloists: soloist playing is combined with rises and lows of micro ensembles of 7 different combinations of instruments which create the impression of multilayered texture which is even more accentuated by matching sounds of different quality (flageolets, glissandos, pizzicatos, ordinaro – sul ponticello – sul tasto), subtle dynamic pulsation of the sound and individual, soloist phrasing.


Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius | cond. Vytautas Lukočius
Sinfonia concertante | cond. Andris Vecumnieks
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra | cond. Vytautas Lukočius

White music for 15 strings (2004) was awarded as the best 2004 chamber piece at the competition held by the Lithuanian Composers' Union.