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commissioned by the Westdeutscher Rundfunks and composed for the Monochrome project of Marco Blaauw

In this piece the trumpet octet is treated as a single body, like the organ of different pipes sharing the same breath, the same soul. 

Duration: 15’ or 26''

Premiere: Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, 25 April 2020

Video recording of the complete version from the Cologne Philhrmonie, 9 April 2021


3 October 2020, The Monochrome Project, Wittener Tag für neue Kammermusik, Märkisches Museum, Witten (DE) | 9 April 2021, The Monochrome Project, the premiere of the complete version, in streaming from the Cologne Philharmonie (DE) | 9 June 2021, The Monochrome Project, Schlosskirche, Ludwisgsburger Festspiele (DE) | 17 June 2021, The Monchrome Project, Cologne (DE) | 19 November 2022, The Monochrome Project, Huddersfield contemporary music festival (UK) | 23 November 2022, The Monochrome Project, Centro di Ricerca Musicale / Teatro San Leonardo. Bologna (IT)