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Programme note
“I saw how that over hasty efflorescence seeped out from the shimmering of the air, from the fermentation of the over-rich atmosphere, and materialized — the overspill and disintegration of the fantastic oleanders that had filled the room with their fine, languid snowstorm of great, pink floral sprays…”
from the Cinnamon Shops by Bruno Schulz

Textile (2006-2008) for orchestra is a single gesture, one metamorphosis of register, timbre and dynamic. There are no sound attacks used in the score; the only gesture which reflects also the macro form of the piece is the sound emerging and submerging into the silence. The layers of dense texture are based on this gesture, thus evoking an image of underwater pulsations. Even though “Textile” is written for different instruments, the author, who usually writes for the ensemble of the same timbres, is is trying to achieve the “monochrome” aestetics of the sound.


Symphony Orchestra of Teatro la Fenice (Venice) | cond. Eliahu Inbal
Gothenburg Opera Orchestra | cond. David Björkman
Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra | cond. Modestras Pitrėnas and Robertas Šervenikas                                                                                                 Polish National Philharmonic Symphony orchestra | cond. Jacek Kaspszyk                       



Textile for symphony orchestra (2008) was awarded as the best 2008 orchestra piece at the competition held by the Lithuanian Composers' Union on the 3rd of April 2009.